Aalto University Summer Research Program 2024

Aalto University Summer Research Program 2024 | Internship in Finland: The Aalto University Summer Research Program 2024 is currently accepting applications! Students from all over the world have a fantastic opportunity to study in Finland and pursue a summer research program through this international internship. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply for the Aalto internship, which gives them the opportunity to work directly with top research groups at Aalto University and conduct their own research. International students can apply for this research program and summer employment opportunities at the Aalto Science Institute (AScI). There are currently 60 research positions available for bachelor’s and master’s students in Finland through the AScI International Summer Research Program, which spans 53 projects across 11 departments in the School of Science and the three Engineering schools. Aalto University’s Summer Internship 2024 is a fantastic way to get a taste of Finland’s inclusive and diverse research community. Thus, you need to apply before the deadline if you want to be an AScI Summer Researcher.

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In a similar vein, all students participating in the Aalto University Summer Research Program receive a salary sufficient to cover their living and housing expenses. Hence, making it easier for students to study in Finland for free. Aside from this, the international research program offers a variety of social and cultural events that enhance the summertime experience in Finland. The activities for AScI Summer Researchers include day trips, a ‘Discover Finland’ course that is offered in June, frequent luncheons, and a variety of social, cultural, and sporting events. Furthermore, participants will present their research results at the mid- to late-August AScI poster exhibition. Giving them the chance to showcase their summer work to the Aalto community. It is crucial to remember that remote employment is not an option for any research positions, which are all centered on the Aalto University Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland.

In addition, the summer 2023 AScI Research Program received over 1600 applications from 84 different countries, demonstrating its great success. 52 interns in all, from 23 different countries, had a successful and rewarding summer at Aalto University. Because the Aalto University Summer Research Program 2024 is so unique, a large response is also anticipated. Students from all Aalto University schools, including the schools of science, engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, arts, business, design, and architecture, are eligible to apply for the Aalto Science Institute International Summer Research program. While there are generally openings in all schools, most of them are in the scientific and engineering domains. However, if you are interested in a summer internship in Finland, you must read till the end.

Aalto University Summer Internship Program

  • Country: Finland
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Deadline: January 29, 2024

Eligibility Criteria for Aalto Summer Internship 2024:

  • The Aalto Science Institute (AScI) international summer research program is open to students from all around the world with any nationality.
  • Both bachelor’s and master’s students are eligible to apply for this internship program in 2024.
  • Recent master’s program graduates are also encouraged to submit their applications.
  • Moreover, all applicants must have a strong interest, relevant background, and enthusiasm for the research opportunities offered by AScI.
  • Applicants should also possess a solid academic background, preferably in disciplines relevant to the specific research projects offered.
  • Students with transitional periods between degrees, such as those graduating before summer and then enrolling in a master’s program, are eligible to apply.
  • All research positions are available at the Aalto University Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland, and physical presence in the country is a mandatory requirement of the Aalto University International Summer Research Program.
  • In addition, successful applicants must be available on a full-time basis for the duration of the program, which typically spans twelve weeks from June to August.

Benefits of the AScI International Summer Research Program 2024:

  • The Aalto Summer Research Program is a paid internship that offers financial overage for all students.
  • Participants are employed as research assistants by their hosting department, with a salary that covers living costs, including accommodation.
  • Salaries depend upon experience and qualifications. The minimum monthly salary is 1800€ for bachelor’s students and higher for master’s students.
  • In addition to the salary, participants receive a fixed travel bonus (400€/800€ for those inside/outside Europe). Thus, providing support for travel expenses relevant to the program.
  • Moreover, AScI offers extensive documentation and access to chat groups that provide information on various aspects such as visas, housing, and relocation to Finland.
  • The Aalto University Summer Research Program actively assists all students with these aspects. Hence, ensuring a smooth transition to living and working in Finland.
  • Similarly, some housing is also available directly through student housing organizations, offering a convenient and community-oriented living arrangement.
  • Participants of the AScI Internship will get the opportunity to participate in a number of activities including, courses, and regular lunch gatherings, along with various social, cultural and sports activities.

Documents Required for Aalto University Summer Research Program:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Official transcripts
  • Motivation letter (maximum 2 pages)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Proof of sufficient English language skills (recommended but not mandatory)

Application Process:

  • How to apply for the Aalto University International Summer Research Program?
  • To apply for the AScI summer program, click the ‘apply now‘ button below.
  • However, before applying, ensure you meet the requirements and eligibility criteria for the 2024 Summer Research Program by Aalto Science Institute.
  • Gather all necessary documents mentioned above to complete your application successfully.
  • For FAQs and tips on filling out the application form, visit the official Aalto University website.
  • Selection of students and interviews will take place in February 2024.
  • Ensure you submit your application before the Aalto University Summer Research Program deadline.

Application Deadline for Aalto University Summer Research Program 2024:

  • The deadline to apply for the Aalto University Summer Research Program is 29 January 2024.

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