ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships 2024-2025

The ACI Foundation welcomes foreign students seeking higher education to apply for ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships in Canada and the United States for the academic year 2024–25.

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High-potential students studying graduate and undergraduate degree programs in relation to certain sectors or goods are the target audience for the assistance. Grants may be used to pay both graduate and undergraduate studies; candidates should gather all necessary paperwork before submitting their applications.

ACI Foundation Scholarship 2024–2025 is a fully financed, worldwide fellowship opportunity open to international undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral scholars. Students pursuing undergraduate (undergrad, ma), masters (ms/MFA mfa), or post-doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees. Each grant provides a $10,000–15,000 US education stipend to help with expenses including tuition, accommodation, books, and other supplies.

The American Concrete Institute formed the non-profit foundation known as the ACI Foundation to promote innovation, teamwork, and development by providing scholarships and research and acting as a stand-alone organization to oversee and direct the operations and expansion of the concrete industry.

Each ACI Foundation Fellowship winner is given a financial education stipend ($15K for the Falconer Fellowship), reimbursement for travel and attendance costs for two ACI Conventions, and support in locating an industry mentor. Each winner of a scholarship gets a five-figure education budget. ACI Foundation has given financial assistance, mentorship opportunities, and internship placement to 275 participants since the start of its first Fellowship Program in 2008!

The ACI Foundation awarded undergraduate students at 27 universities 19 fellowships and 14 scholarships in 2000.

To promote innovation, development, and cooperation within the American Concrete Institute community, The ACI Foundation was established in 1989. This foundation, which is made up of three councils: the Scholarship Council, which facilitates student grants and scholarships; the Concrete Innovation Council, which assists in identifying innovative technologies; the Concrete Research Council, which funds efforts to develop innovative concrete techniques.

ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships 2024-2025:


  • USA

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  • All International

ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships 2024-2025


ACI Foundation Scholarship/Fellowship applications provide applicants with numerous advantages:

  • $10,000-$10,000 US Stipends available for education, housing and tuition costs as well as books and materials;
    Travel and attendance costs to two ACI Conventions will also be covered; fellowship finalists should attend the spring ACI Convention for interviews where they may choose to become ACI Convention Guides; whilst mentorship assistance will also be provided within their industry of interest.
  • ACI Foundation Fellowship and Scholarship prizes are made possible thanks to donations from within Concrete’s community, helping strengthen the concrete sector through supporting students pursuing career paths within concrete. ACI Foundation stands as a leader within its industry by investing strategically and prudently in research, ideas and people – assuring a sustainable and prosperous future for concrete as an industry.

ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships 2024-2025

Eligibility Criteria:

  • English must be your native tongue when applying; otherwise a statement by you demonstrating English proficiency must accompany your application form. Eligible Countries:
    ACI Foundation Fellowships may be awarded in any country around the world; however, to receive one it must attend a school within the Gulf Cooperation Council region during that year (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates).
  • To be considered potential candidates for ACI Foundation Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities available in both North America (US/CA) and International Student (IS/EU), applicants must satisfy certain criteria:
  • Candidates for this award should be full-time graduate school students enrolled in either their first or second year, receiving it during that year and working full-time both during application as well as throughout its duration.
  • Fellowship applicants prizes typically consist of students from outside North America enrolled full time at either an American or Canadian university, although certain grants require recipients to complete 10-20 weeks of summer employment prior to beginning their grant year.
  • All applicants should possess an excellent command of English spoken language. If English is not your primary language, a written statement detailing your proficiency must accompany your application form as evidence of that fact.
  • Fellowship recipients must submit a post-fellowship essay outlining its significance for both personal and professional growth, in addition to any training they receive that will assist with future job pursuits after finishing.

Application Procedure For ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships 2024-2025:

  • How to Apply: Applicants seeking ACI Foundation Scholarship and Fellowships 2024 should fill out an online application form, answering all mandatory requirements in full and answering questions as relevant, which will display all awards or scholarships that might apply to you.
  • Document Requirements: Candidates will need to present personal and academic data during an application.
  • Resume, 500-word Essay and Official Transcripts in English Language using the 4.0 Grading Scale are required in addition to two Endorsements by ACI Members for admissions consideration.

Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For ACI Foundation Scholarships and Fellowships 2024-2025 is 1, Nov , 2023,

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