EPFL Summer Fellowship in Switzerland 2024 Fully Funded

EPFL Summer Fellowship in Switzerland 2024 Fully Funded: During summer vacation, undergraduate and graduate students can work under renowned teachers in a European facility through the EPFL Summer Fellowship 2024, an amazing international fellowship program. Students can participate in cutting-edge research projects during a three-month fellowship offered by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Undergraduate and graduate students specializing in computer science, computer engineering, telecommunications, or electrical engineering are eligible to apply for this research grant in Switzerland. International students from all around the world are welcome to apply for the EPFL Summer Fellowship, which offers them the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned senior scientists while learning new skills and gaining real-world experience in their chosen fields. So, why do you hesitate? If you want to study in Switzerland, apply for this special Summer Fellowship, and be sure you read all the way through.

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You can access a vibrant research environment in Switzerland by applying for the EPFL Summer Fellowship. Fellows work closely with research departments, actively participating in large-scale current projects and often taking on difficult programming and design tasks to test novel concepts. The chosen candidates will get a monthly living allowance of CHF 1,800 as well as compensation for reasonable airfare or second-class train tickets. Furthermore, participating in an EPFL summer fellowship provides a highly stimulating research experience in a highly competitive research setting. Through the EPFL Fellowship program, each fellow will have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships in Switzerland. Consequently, they are laying the groundwork for a global career in their professions. It also offers applicants the chance to spend several months in Europe, a continent rich in scenic wonders and endless recreational options.

Similar to this, Lausanne, Switzerland is home to the esteemed École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a research institution in Switzerland. It is known for its contributions to science, engineering, and technology and is frequently ranked among the best institutions in the world. The community at EPFL is multicultural and multinational. It’s a great destination for international students to study and do research because it draws academics, researchers, and students from all over the world. Furthermore, undergraduate and graduate students have a fantastic opportunity to interact with the university’s research environment through the EPFL Summer Internship 2024. Thus, in order to become an EPFL fellow, you must apply for this summer fellowship in Switzerland.

Fully Funded EPFL Summer Fellowship 2024

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: December 3, 2023

Eligibility Criteria for EPFL Summer Fellowship 2024:

  • Students must currently be enrolled in Bachelor’s (BSc, BTech), Master’s (MSc, MTech), or equivalent programs in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Telecommunications.
  • Doctoral (PhD) students are ineligible for the EPFL internship for summer 2024.
  • Applicants must have completed at least the first year of their Bachelor’s program and be in their second year or beyond at the time of application.
  • Moreover, the selection process for fellowship candidates is highly competitive and based on their academic performance.
  • Applicants with excellent academic records and achievements are special preference for the Switzerland fellowship.
  • The EPFL Fellowship is only for the School of Computer and Communications Sciences.
  • However, applicants from diverse academic backgrounds with a strong interest and demonstrated experience in the program’s subject areas are welcome to apply. However, they should highlight this in their letter of motivation.

Benefits of the EPFL Summer Fellowship 2024:

  • Successful candidates will receive a monthly living stipend of CHF 1,800 (adjusted based on the duration) and reimbursement of travel expenses. This financial support ensures that participants can concentrate on their research without the burden of financial concerns.
  • EPFL summer fellowship offers an inspiring educational opportunity within a competitive research setting, increasing motivation and skill development.
  • The international fellowship provides a unique chance to engage oneself in a different culture in Europe.
  • In addition, participants have the opportunity to establish valuable professional networks within Switzerland, which can be instrumental in building a career.
  • Beyond academic growth, the EPFL Fellowship also enables fellows to enjoy three months in Switzerland.
  • The program also exposes participants to world-class faculty, resources, and facilities at EPFL.
  • Completing three-month fellowship at EPFL can enhance fellows’ resumes and open doors to future career opportunities.
  • So, the fellowship in Switzerland not only advances participants’ academic and research goals but also enriches their personal and professional lives.

Requirements for EPFL Summer Fellowship:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letter of Motivation (specify your scientific interests and reasons for applying)

Application Process:

  • To apply for the EPFL Summer fellowship, applicants must register on the official portal and apply online, click the apply now button below to start application process.
  • However, before you apply, ensure that you meet the fellowship program’s eligibility criteria.
  • Follow the instructions on the application portal carefully and submit all the necessary documents.
  • EPFL will review applications and successful candidates will be informed of their acceptance.
  • Similarly, notifications of acceptance or rejection will be made before 25 January 2024.
  • All applicants will receive decision notifications via email.
  • The fellowship period typically spans approximately three months, with flexibility in scheduling.
  • This period is usually between May and September and is arranged directly with the hosting laboratory.

Deadline for the EPFL Summer Fellowship 2024:

  • The deadline to apply for the EPFL Summer Fellowship is 3 December 2023.
  • Apply Now

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