EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024

EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024: Applicants for the EPFL Summer Internship Program in 2024 in Switzerland must have strong academic records. It is open to students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree to apply for that internship. There are no restrictions based on race or nationality. It’s time to buckle up and get ready to drive your future careers across Europe. This opportunity for a summer internship in Europe has many advantages, such as the substantial savings on travel and lodging costs—a burdensome expense that people would otherwise have to bear while living abroad. A significant component of the EPFL institute’s development and distinction policy is the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

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Through exposure, coaching, and mentorship, the EPFL internship in Europe in 2024 seeks to advance equality in the scientific community for all participants. One of the most prominent universities in the world has extended an invitation for you to participate in cutting-edge research projects. As a member of the International Dual Career Network, EPFL has access to numerous organizations and non-governmental groups that assist in finding the ideal career match. With the help of eminent senior scientists, international students at the EPFL School of Computer and Communication Sciences can acquire new skills and real-world experience in their fields of study.

The goal of the international internship program at one of Switzerland’s top institutions is to make your dreams come true. You will be able to work in a dignified and collaborative environment at EPFL. The institutional boom upholds both gender equality and individual dignity equally. Therefore, refrain from permitting any form of prejudice. The institute also adopts a proactive approach to sustainability by emphasizing the integration of social and environmental issues into every aspect of its operations. Taking into account the sustainability approach, the institute focuses on integrating science and technology with humanitarian efforts to promote global peace and prosperity.

The Lausanne-based research institute EPFL is in charge of organizing the Switzerland Internship for Students. Throughout all of Europe, it is one of the most vibrant scientific and technological institutes. It is renowned for its expertise in engineering and the natural sciences. Its initiatives are categorized as innovative, educational, and scientific. Everyone is invited to join the global working educational environment. Its collaboration with other groups has a direct influence on societal advancements. Furthermore, scientific tools and cutting-edge technologies support global social, economic, and environmental development.

EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024:

Host Country:

  • Switzerland

Host Organization:

  • The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Internship Duration:

  • The duration of the fully-funded internship is two to three months.

Benefits of the EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024:

  • Living allowance of CHF 1800 per month.
  • Refund of traveling costs in second-class train tickets or low-class economy airfare.
  • Research excellence will be offered.
  • Able to perform challenging tasks in an international environment.

Eligibility Criteria of the EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024:

  • Applicants must possess excellent academic records.
  • Must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, or telecommunications.
  • Completed at least the first year of your current degree.

How to Apply for the EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024:

  • Students have to apply through the online application on the official website.
  • Fill up some information about yourself.
  • Just fill in the academic record appropriately.
  • Choose up to three domains of scientific interest.
  • Ensure to provide the supporting documents, if required.
  • Ensure to fill in all the required fields.
  • Complete your application form carefully and submit it.

Documents required for the EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland:

EPFL Internship Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for an internship is December 01, 2023.


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