Free Online Essay Writing Course by UC Berkeley

Free Online Essay Writing Course by UC Berkeley: Students who are eager to learn how to write an English essay are drawn to the free online course offered by UC Berkeley on essay writing. You can improve your essay writing, self-editing, and grammatical accuracy with the aid of this course. You can strengthen your writing talents for free with the resources provided by the free online essay writing course. You must dedicate 5 to 6 hours per week to this self-paced course, which lasts for 5 weeks. You can evaluate your learning incrementally and advance at your own pace. The qualified English language specialists will assist you in covering every section so that you may gain experience writing in each one.

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One of the exceptional opportunities that paves the way to learning about fundamental grammar terminologies, writing effective sentences and paragraphs, writing a thought-provoking introduction and conclusion, as well as learning the strategies for writing long sentences and thesis statements, is the online essay writing course offered by the University of California. By virtually attending the lectures, you will be able to study everything at home with ease. The texts and videos provided will provide a thorough and useful overview of the course subject. If needed, an e-book is also provided to assist you with further writing assignments.

The humanities will be the main topic of the English writing course. Academic writing, editing, English language, paragraphing, and grammar are among the course’s associated abilities. To enroll in the English essay writing course, your English language proficiency should be sufficient. You will acquire all the techniques and writing-skills strategies that can set you apart from the competition when it comes to essay writing. To maximize their learning opportunities for English writing, the participants will take part in online conversations and peer evaluations. The US Department of State has collaborated in the planning of this global language course. Through this relationship, we hope to meet the need for 21st-century English writing proficiency on a global scale.

The edX organization has expanded its help with this “How to Write an Essay” course. The need that you earn high marks on your projects and tests makes this course appealing. After finishing the University of California’s English language course, you will receive a certificate. When the university was founded in 1869, it had just 10 teaching members and 40 students. Today, it has 280,000 students, 227,000 academic members, and millions of alumni who are employed all over the world. Through techniques that are climate resilient and climate just, the University seeks to assure sustainability. You can observe how the university upholds its commitment to equity and inclusion by balancing the genders in this language course to foster learning and promote dynamic diversity.

Free Online Essay Writing Course by UC Berkeley:

Host University:

  • University of California, Berkeley.

Mode of Conduct:

  • Online

Online Learning Platform:

  • edX

Benefits of the Free Essay Writing Course by UC Berkeley:

  • The opportunity to learn academic writing skills.
  • The opportunity to have exposure to English grammar and correction.
  • The opportunity to focus on essay development and self-editing skills.
  • The opportunity to learn at your home with ease.

Eligibility Criteria of the Free Online Essay Writing Course by UC Berkeley:

  • Everyone can apply.
  • Individuals with a passion for writing English essays, and developing their English language skills, should apply.
  • Individuals with the vision to refine their self-editing skills and grammatical knowledge should apply.
  • You must be proficient enough in the English language.

How to Apply for the Free Online Essay Writing Course by UC Berkeley:

  • Students have to apply through the official website of the edX organization.
  • Go to the learn section.
  • Find out the section of Humanities and go to the University of California: How to write an Essay there.
  • Register yourself for the course.
  • Log into the account and complete the information, asked.
  • Fill in the information.
  • Submit the form carefully.

Application Deadline:


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