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IELTS Preparation Course Free Online IELTS Preparation: Brilliant students who are passionate about passing the IELTS exam on their first attempt are drawn to the University of Queensland’s free IELTS preparation course 2023. You can achieve high IELTS bands with the help of this training. You will have access to the necessary test preparation materials thanks to the IELTS online preparation. The in-depth course, which is self-paced, will cover the following topics: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. You must commit between 5 and 10 hours each week to this 8-week IELTS course. You may monitor your education and development at your own speed. You can attempt the portions with the help of the experts to acquire high bands in each section.

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One of the exceptional opportunities that shows to be a way to reach ILETS is the IELTS Academic Test Preparation chance offered by Queensland University. You will study the format and process of the IELTS test in this course. You will gain knowledge of the abilities needed to attempt the IELTS test as well as the proper test-taking tactics. Your abilities in English speaking, reading, writing, and listening will improve thanks to this ground-breaking course. This course will cover every aspect necessary for obtaining high bands without having to pay any money to IELTS preparation centers or coaches.

You will receive assistance from the online IELTS course in the form of presentations in which you will become familiar with the strategies needed to ace the IELTS test. Additionally, you will learn a lot of exercises and participate in engaging activities that will help you play your finest role. You can choose the component of the test for which you wish to prepare, or you can finish all the course units sequentially, depending on your comfort level and area of interest. Additionally, you will receive additional access to the resources, given by the IELTSx course staff, if you choose confirmed enrollment in this fully sponsored IELTS course.

This online IELTS preparation course was developed by University of Queensland English teaching experts. The university serves as both an IELTS testing facility and is regarded as one of the top educational institutions in the world. The course has been meticulously developed with consideration given to every IELTS learning component, allowing students to enroll in the universities of their choosing even though IELTS is a requirement. Through this effort, you can get the necessary confidence to take the IELTS Academic examinations by gaining immediate access to over 80 hours of interactive practice tools for each IELTS component. One of the most well-liked English language exams worldwide is IELTS, which is used by individuals who want to pursue further education in an English-speaking nation.

Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023 from the University of Queensland:

Host University:

Mode of Conduct:

  • Online

Online Learning Platform:

  • Edx

IELTS Module:

  • IELTS Reading Preparation
  • IELTS Speaking Preparation
  • IELTS Listening Preparation
  • IELTS Writing Preparation

Benefits of the Free Online IELTS Preparation Course 2023:

  • The opportunity to clear the IELTS on the first attempt.
  • The opportunity to have learning exposure from IELTS experts.
  • The opportunity to have free access to the IELTS material.

Eligibility Criteria of the Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023:

  • Everyone can apply.
  • Individuals with a passion for passing an IELTS can apply.
  • Individuals willing to get high bands on their first attempt at IELTS can apply.

How to Apply for the Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023:

  • Students have to apply through the official website of Queensland.
  • Register yourself for the IELTS preparation course.
  • Log into the account and complete the required information.
  • Carefully fill in the information.
  • Submit the form with due care.

Application Deadline:

  • There is no deadline for the University of Queensland IELTS Preparation Course. Apply now and win a chance to pass it with high-scoring bands.


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