Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course

Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course: For individuals who want to learn Chinese online, Opportunities Circle is offering yet another course. For everyone interested in studying Chinese, MandarinX’s Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course is a fantastic resource. Enroll right away to begin learning with edX. This free online course is the first step in learning the Mandarin Chinese language for learners. Learners will acquire the core language skills necessary for fluent conversation in Chinese through this course. These cover characters, grammar, tones, pinyin, fundamental structures, and grammar all within a business-related setting.

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Also noteworthy is the fact that Chinese is unquestionably a key language for enterprises working internationally. The Mandarin Chinese Essentials course offers a thorough overview of virtual learning and lets you move at your own pace. It can be challenging and irritating to switch from languages that use the Latin alphabet or other phonetic writing systems to Chinese. The goal of this crucial course is to make the fundamentals of the Chinese language clear, giving students a solid basis on which to build their ability to communicate effectively in a professional setting.

Dr. Chen will moderate discussions on a variety of hot issues during this webinar. Similar to that, these will expose students to Chinese business trends and culture. Additionally, the participant in the confirmed track will receive three pronunciation lessons designed to improve their capacity for effective and efficient communication in a professional situation. For this course, no prior knowledge is required because it starts from scratch. It is also noteworthy that Dr. Haohsiang Liao, the Director of the Chinese Language Program at MIT, contributed significantly to the creation of this course.

The MandarinX Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course is a five-week, self-paced course that takes between 4 and 10 hours per week. Despite being a free online course, there is a $189 upgrade option to continue on the validated (paid) route.

Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course

Chinese Free Course Syllabus:

  • Tones: During the first week, learners are introduced to one of the most critical aspects of Mandarin Chinese: tones. Mastery of tones is the main topic, as speaking Mandarin without them is similar to singing without a melody.
  • Pinyin: In the second week, beginners will acquire proficiency in pinyin, a transcription system that employs Latin characters.
  • Chinese Characters: Upon gaining competence in pinyin and tones, participants will go through the intricate process of creating Chinese characters stroke by stroke.
  • One Character, One Syllable: A key concept in the fourth week is that each Chinese character represents just one syllable. The absence of prefixes or suffixes in Chinese highlights the importance of this understanding.
  • Basic Chinese Sentence Structures: During the fifth week, learners will get an insight into fundamental Chinese sentence structures, equipping them with the knowledge and practice necessary to construct basic sentences for everyday scenarios.

Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course

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Eligibility Criteria for free online chinese language course with certificate

Does this Chinese language online course sound interesting to you? If it does, do not forget to go through the eligibility criteria for the Mandarin Chinese Essentials free online course below.

Eligibility Criteria for Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course:

  • People from all around the world are eligible to enroll for the free Chinese course.
  • There are no prerequisites or prior knowledge requirements for the Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course.
  • Nonetheless, learners need to ensure that they have access to the necessary resources for the course, which may include a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • All participants must be ready to invest four to ten hours per week.
  • If you want to enroll for the verified (paid) track, you will have to pay the application fee. However, if you choose to go with the audit (free) track, then no application fee is necessary. You will have access to the course material for a limited time.

Benefits for Mandarin chinese essentials online course with certificate

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, make sure you read the various benefits of the Chinese language course that Opportunities Circle has compiled for you below.

Benefits of Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course:

  • The Chinese course is entirely self-paced. Hence, participants can progress at their own pace.
  • The online course also focuses on imparting knowledge of five crucial elements integral to the Mandarin Chinese language.
  • This includes the tones, the phonetic system of pinyin, fundamental grammar rules, the intricate world of characters, and the foundation of basic sentence structures.
  • Beyond language proficiency, participants will gain valuable insights into Chinese culture. This will enable a deeper appreciation of the cultural context in which the language is used, fostering better cross-cultural communication.
  • The Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course will equip learners with practical communication skills.
  • Participants will not only acquire linguistic knowledge but also the ability to apply it effectively in real-life scenarios, making interactions in Mandarin more meaningful and efficient.
  • With a solid foundation established in this course, learners will also be well-prepared to engage in Mandarin communication within a business context.
  • By the end of the course, participants will have gained the confidence required to communicate fluently and confidently with Chinese-speaking colleagues, clients, and friends.
  • In addition, no prior knowledge or qualifications are necessary to enroll in the Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course.
  • You can also receive a certificate by signing up for a paid track (not necessary). Initially, opt for the free track; you will have access to the course material for limited time. You’ll need to complete the course by the dates (deadline) provided.

Application Process for best free online Mandarin courses

  • To apply for the Chinese language online course, enroll now through the Apply Now button below.
  • The course starts from the date on the official website.
  • Before applying, make sure you choose the track, whether verified (paid) or audit (free) track.
  • After this, click on the start course option to begin Mandarin Chinese Essentials Online Course. 

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