OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024-2025 in USA

OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024-2025 in USA: Indigenous Fellowship (IFP) at OHCHR The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights launched the Indigenous Fellowship Program as part of an extensive global human rights education campaign during the 1995–2004 International Decade of World’s Indigenous Peoples (1995–204).

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In order to better position them to defend and protect those rights for their communities on a global level, this program helps strengthen the capacities and skills of representatives from indigenous groups with regard to UN mechanisms and systems that deal with human rights in general and indigenous issues in particular. More than 300 representatives of indigenous communities from across the globe have taken part in training since this initiative’s inception in 1997, and they are now educating many more people in their communities about human rights.

For its Indigenous Fellowship Program 2024, OHCHR is accepting applications from qualified Indigenous individuals who satisfy its qualifying standards. Indigenous people have the chance to learn more about working inside the UN system thanks to this opportunity.

By defending and preserving rights, participants in this program will be better able to support communities and organizations. There are five distinct languages of instruction available. The fellows actively participate in tandem training.

The main goal of the OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship Program is to empower Indigenous Peoples by educating them about UN institutions and mechanisms, with a focus on Indigenous-specific rights problems. After completing the course, participants will be equipped with the skills needed to effectively advocate for these rights on behalf of their groups or communities. This summer (2024), it will last for four weeks and be conducted in five different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Portuguese.

OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024-2025 in USA


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OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024 Benefits:

  • Return Flight Ticket to Geneva Traveling between Geneva and your desired location is effortless with return flight ticket, while living expenses for participants who engage in focused, immersive learning experiences will be covered as part of their package.
  • Essential Health Insurance Our top priorities when providing Essential Medical Coverage are health and well-being.

OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024 Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible as candidates for an OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024, applicants must fulfill these criteria:

  • An applicant must be of indigenous heritage; non-indigenous candidates will not be taken into consideration as potential applicants, even if they come into close contact with indigenous groups and communities.
  • Age shouldn’t be seen as the sole limitation to taking part in IFP courses; formal education systems shouldn’t stand in their way either, given all of the social and economic hardship experienced by indigenous communities that cannot access formal schools for formal education.
  • Candidates should agree to train other indigenous individuals after returning home/to their community/organizations.
  • Candidate nomination must come from someone backed by his/her origin or local community organization and it should have members or constituency support and is fully represented.
  • Candidates for admission into any language-teaching programs should possess at least an elementary understanding of its native tongue.

Application Procedure For OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024

  • Applying to become eligible for OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024 is straightforward, as is applying. Applying is straightforward for OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship 2024: just complete an application here and hit submit!
  • Be mindful that each section has been properly filled out before submitting the form by the due date. Check that all sections have been appropriately completed to avoid delays when filling in their applications.
  • Fill out and mail this application form by regular mail to:
  • Morse Caoagas Flores, Coordinator, Indigenous Fellowship Program in the Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Section at UNHCHR 48 Avenue Giuseppe-Motta Geneva 10 Switzerland. Office 2-05 CH 1211 Geneva
  • Scanned applications may also be submitted via email and should include morse.b9******63a@a***8.com as their recipient address.
  • applicants should include in their applications an official recommendation letter from either their Indigenous group of origin or community, that nominated them, to support their nomination for inclusion in this program.

OHCHAR Indigenous Fellowship 2024 Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship is 30, Sep, 2023.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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