Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2024

For bright students pursuing higher education, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany is available in 2024. All foreigners and German citizens who wished to complete their degrees in Germany on supported scholarships are urged to apply for this fantastic chance. Additionally, if you want to do your study while in Germany, you are also qualified for the scholarship. You must have a strong academic record to be chosen for this DAAD award. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a DIE LINKE-affiliated political education group. The sponsorship is founded on the Foundation’s political ideals of social justice and solidarity.

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You will get the chance to remain in Germany with numerous advantages thanks to this international scholarship opportunity there. The target population for the scholarship will be gifted international students from any field who desire to work on a PhD thesis that is in keeping with democratic socialism and its principles. Under the guidance of highly qualified mentors who hold doctorates in their respective professions, you will gain knowledge of the pervasive global concerns and interact with your peers. You will benefit long-term from developing solid relationships with those in your profession thanks to this scholarship for international students studying in Germany. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to discover many viewpoints on the same subject and reap its full benefits.

Your desire to remain in Germany and carry out study regarding the scholarship is no longer just a pipe dream. We are here to provide you access to these possibilities so that you may make your dreams come true. With the exception of medicine, several fields provide a variety of scholarships. One scholarship application may only be submitted at a time. In 1990, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation was established. It encourages societal criticism and emancipatory social, political, and cultural endeavors across Germany. Additionally, it supports worldwide cooperative development initiatives. The foundation seeks to provide ideas and strategies that can change societies by creating a more harmonious and just society.

You will have the opportunity to travel to Germany and learn about its customs, culture, and conventions if you study for a doctorate overseas. West European nation of Germany is renowned for its expansive landscapes of rivers, woods, mountain ranges, and beaches. Berlin, the country’s capital, is well-known for its nightlife, art, historical landmarks, and the Brandenburg Gate. In a nutshell, it is unquestionably a nation worth traveling to. It is the ideal place to reside because of its fascinating culture and extensive history. The country, which is lush and green, has earned the title of being the safest in the world. Its great public transportation system, first-rate healthcare system, inexpensive education, relatively low cost of living, and strict adherence to the law have made it a desirable place to live.

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany:

Host Country:


Host Organization:

  • Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

DAAD Scholarship Duration:

  • The duration for these PhD scholarships in Germany 2024 is for a minimum of 2 years and can be extended twice for 6 months due to any solid reason.

Benefits of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany:

  • Doctoral students will be given a grant of EUR 1,350 per month.
  • A mobility allowance of EUR 1,000 is given.
  • Health care subsidy is also provided.
  • Candidates will be getting the chance to explore Germany and its culture.
  • Candidates will be given the opportunity to conduct research on prevalent issues of the globe.

Eligibility Criteria of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship 2024:

  • Every German resident and foreign candidate who wants to enroll in a doctoral degree can apply.
  • Doctoral students enrolled in a private or public accredited institution of higher education in Germany, Switzerland, or the EU are eligible to apply.
  • Foreign students wanted to extend their research while staying outside of Germany are also eligible.
  • Should be given proof of German Language at B2 level.
  • Should have an exceptional academic record.
  • Should be able to conduct the doctoral thesis on a topic that shows commitment to democratic socialism and its values.
  • Should be socially engaged with the values of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

How to Apply for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship 2024:

  • The applicants have to apply online through the official website.
  • Applicants are required to fill up their personal information.
  • Answer all required information.
  • Complete the application form carefully and submit it.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Rosa Luxemburg Scholarship is April 01 and October 01 of each year.

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