SEARCA Photo Contest 2023

SEARCA Photo Contest 2023: There’s good news for all of Southeast Asia’s enthusiastic photographers! Submissions for the SEARCA Photo Contest 2023 are being accepted right now. An annual photography contest, the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) Photo Contest highlights environmental issues, sustainable development, and agriculture in Southeast Asia. The topic of the 2023 SEARCA Photography Contest is reviving agricultural ecosystems while lowering global warming. The 17th SEARCA Contest seeks to gather images from Southeast Asia that highlight innovative agricultural practices and ways to mitigate the effects of climate change. Thus, all aspiring Southeast Asian photographers are invited to enter the SEARCA 2023 photography competition, which will take place annually in 2023.

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Southeast Asian photographers can display their abilities and originality on a platform provided by the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture. while also bringing attention to the region’s pressing environmental and agricultural issues. The SEARCA Photo Contest has a different theme every year that has to do with agriculture, sustainable practices, or environmental issues. The SEARCA Photo Contest 2023 theme is “Lowering global boiling and regenerating agri-ecosystems.”

Furthermore, the theme of the 2023 photography competition reflects the alarm that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced about the deteriorating state of the climate crisis. Therefore, it is best to include people in the photos who are actively using different technologies and methods in agricultural settings, such as farmers, farming families, researchers, innovators, students, and young people. As a result, all photographers are required to submit pictures that fit the specified theme. Capturing and disseminating images that lessen the effects of global warming and increase food production sustainability is the aim.

Winners of the SEARCA Photo Contest 2023 also usually get cash rewards in addition to recognition for their efforts. The SEARCA Photography Competition’s first-place winner will receive up to $1,000. The winner of the second prize will get $800, and the winner of the third prize will get $500. Special prizes are offered by the competition as well. One more reason to enter this online photo contest in 2023 is the enormous cash prizes. Nevertheless, the SEARCA Photo Contest offers photographers a fantastic opportunity to support environmental preservation and sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia.

SEARCA Photography Contest Judging Criteria:

  • Alignment with the Theme: 40% of the overall score
  • Technical Quality (including clarity, color balance, and photographic composition): 30% of the score
  • Regional Significance and Resonance: 30% of the total score

SEARCA Photo Contest 2023 

  • Country: Online
  • Eligible Regions: Southeast Asia
  • Deadline: November 30, 2023

Eligibility Criteria for SEARCA Photo Contest 2023:

  • The SEARCA Photo Contest is open to both professional and amateur photographers.
  • Individuals from Southeast Asian countries are eligible to apply, with the exception of SEARCA employees and their immediate family members.
  • Entrants must own the rights to the photographs they submit and grant SEARCA permission to use these images in knowledge distribution, sharing, and advocacy related to SEARCA’s mission.
  • All photographs must be original works. They should not have previously won any other photo contests, be published in any form (print or electronic), or submitted to other contests while participating in the 17th SEARCA Photo Contest.
  • In addition, photos submitted in previous SEARCA photo contests with similarities to current entries are not eligible. The pictures should remain unedited and not digitally enhanced, except for basic cropping.
  • Entries should be in digital format, in color, and saved as JPEG files.
  • The images should have a minimum resolution of 3,000 pixels in width for horizontal images and 3,000 pixels in height for vertical images. Both set at 300 dots per inch (dpi).

Benefits of the SEARCA Photography Contest in 2023:

  • The top prize in this competition comes with a generous award of $1,000. Thus, recognizing outstanding photographic excellence in Southeast Asia.
  • The second prize winner will receive a cash prize of $800, acknowledging their remarkable photographic skills and creativity.
  • Similarly, the third-prize winner will receive $500, celebrating their talent in capturing compelling and impactful images.
  • Photographers also receive other special awards, including the SEARCA Director’s Choice prize, valued at $500. This will be given to the photograph that particularly resonates with the SEARCA director, thus highlighting its unique appeal.
  • Philippine Department of Education Secretary’s Choice also includes a $500 award, given to the photograph selected as the favorite by the Secretary of the Philippine Department of Education.
  • Moreover, the People’s Choice Award, worth $400, recognizes the photograph that receives the most votes and admiration from the public.
  • A special category, the Best Youth Photographer, rewards the most promising young talent with a $300 cash prize. Encouraging and acknowledging their budding skills in photography.

Application Process:

  • How to Apply for the SEARCA Photo Contest 2023?
  • To apply for the SEARCA photography competition, click the “apply now” button. This will redirect you to the official application portal.
  • Participants are welcome to enter as many submissions as they wish, provided that each entry adheres to the photo contest guidelines.
  • Each submission must include the photographer’s complete name, age group, and gender, all documented in English.
  • Moreover, the entrant should specify their country of origin and professional status in the application.
  • All photos should have a photo caption/description and the date of capture.
  • Also include the precise location where the photo was taken, including the municipality, the province or state, and the country.

Deadline for the 17th Annual SEARCA Photo Contest:

  • The deadline to apply for the SEARCA Photo Contest is 30 November 2023.

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