Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023

Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023: Are you an enthusiastic photographer seeking a photography competition to showcase your abilities? One prestigious photography competition is the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023. The Smithsonian Institution, one of the top cultural and educational organizations in the world, is in charge of organizing this international photo competition for 2023. Photographers from all over the world are drawn to this international competition, which features a wide variety of photos that beautifully convey moments, narratives, and the beauty of our planet. Generally speaking, photographers of all backgrounds, nationalities, and skill levels are welcome to enter the Smithsonian Photography Contest. Encourage a wide variety of participants as a result. It is required of all photographers, professional or amateur, to enter the 21st Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest.

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That being said, more than 470,000 images have been entered into the Smithsonian annual photo contest by participants over the previous 20 years. The spirit of human creativity is encapsulated in the Annual Photography Contest. thereby providing a window into a variety of themes, including compelling human stories and diverse landscapes. There are several categories in the Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest. inspiring photographers to investigate subjects like People, Altered Images, Travel, Sustainable Travel, and the Natural World. The Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023 will award cash prizes of up to $2,500 to winning entries and outstanding photos. Similar to this, the Smithsonian’s Annual Photo Contest provides a forum for the sharing of original concepts and visual narratives. The power of images and the craft of photography are honored in this online photography competition.

International photographers are also encouraged to enter the Smithsonian magazine competition by submitting their best shots. Selected photos will be published in the Smithsonian Magazine in addition to receiving a monetary award, giving them exposure to a large readership. Additionally, photographers have a specific window of time to submit their work for the Smithsonian Photo Contest 2023. The Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023 will use quality, creativity, uniqueness, and alignment with the theme as judging criteria for submissions.

Categories of the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest:

  1. Travel: Entries in this category focus on locals, people, or activities both within the United States and abroad.
  2. Natural World: This category includes animals, plants, and landscapes, as well as geological or climatological features.
  3. The American Experience: Photographs in this category capture events, objects, or activities that connect the American people to their history or cultural heritage.
  4. People: This category involves portraits and photographs of either individuals or groups, representing human experiences and expressions.
  5. Drone/Aerial: This category includes photographs captured using devices such as drones, planes, or helicopters. 
  6. Artistic Images: This category uses photography as a creative and imaginative platform to express ideas or concepts.

Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023

  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Deadline: November 30, 2023

Eligibility Criteria for Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023:

  • The Grand Prize, Readers’ Choice prize, and prizes in the Natural World, Travel, People, The American Experience, Artistic Images, and Drone/Aerial categories are available to photographers aged 18 years or older. 
  • To qualify for any category of the photo contest, the photograph must have been taken by the entrant after 1 January 2020.
  • Contestants need to confirm that they are the exclusive creators and copyright owners of the submitted photograph.
  • Cropped photos are acceptable in all categories. 
  • Minor adjustments, such as removal of sensor dust or scratches on negative scans, dodging and burning, sharpening, contrast, toning, slight color adjustments, and conversion to grayscale, are permissible across all Smithsonian Photo Contest categories.
  • Similarly, except for the Artistic Images category, the inclusion or removal of objects is not allowed.
  • For photos featuring recognizable individuals, entrants must be ready to provide a model release from the subject. In the case of minors, the release must be obtained from the subject’s parent or guardian. 
  • Moreover, participants whose photos portray the work of others, such as sculptures, statues, paintings, and other copyrightable works, must also provide a release. 
  • In cases where the entrant cannot provide all necessary releases, the Smithsonian reserves the right to disqualify the submission. 
  • Photos must adhere to federal, state, and local laws.
  • Images that violate another person’s rights, including copyright, are not eligible for consideration.

Benefits of the Smithsonian Magazine Annual Photography Competition:

  • Winning or featured entries gain exposure on a global scale, reaching a diverse audience of photography enthusiasts and professionals. 
  • Winners of the Smithsonian Annual Photography Contest have the chance to win cash prizes, including the Grand Prize of $2,500, $500 for each Category Winner, and $500 for the winner of the Readers’ Choice award. Hence, providing financial recognition for their work.
  • Moreover, being part of such a prestigious contest enhances a photographer’s portfolio.
  • Winning photographs or select entries may be featured in Smithsonian publications, both in print and online.
  • The Smithsonian may also choose photos for highlighting on its website or inclusion in a publicly accessible contest archive. 

Application Process:

  • To register for the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest, all candidates must visit the official website or click on the ‘apply now’ button.
  • Candidates must provide all the necessary information on the application portal.
  • Similarly, each contestant can submit up to 15 photographs per category, leading to a maximum of 90 submissions for the contest.
  • To ensure the best display, it is essential to submit photographs in .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif format.
  • Also, make sure that you meet the criteria and requirements of the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest 2023.
  • Only online submissions will be eligible.

Deadline to Apply for the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest:

  • The deadline to apply for the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest is 30 November 2023

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