The cheapest work visa in the UK with or without a job-Apply online

The cheapest work visa in the UK with or without a job-Apply online: The most affordable work visa in the UK For candidates from all over the world who desire to serve or remain in the UK, With or Without Job is an option. A number of visa possibilities were recently announced by the UK government. Candidates are urged to apply for these visas if they are passionate about remaining or working in the UK. Those looking to advance their careers globally often choose the United Kingdom when evaluating chances abroad. The GAE (Graduate Academic Extension) Work Visa is a gem within the UK’s visa system that needs to be known. The focus is typically on well-known immigration choices like Tier 2 (General) work visas.

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List of Schemes Providing Cheap Visa

  • AIESEC internships
  • Bar Council
  • BAE Systems Training, Intern and Graduate Program
  • BNSC Satellite KHTT Program
  • BUNAC Blue Card Internships
  • Chatham House Fellowship
  • Chevening and Marshall Sherfield Fellowships Program
  • China-UK Mandarin Teachers Scheme
  • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships Plan
  • Defense Academy
  • Diplomatic Missions Interns Scheme
  • Engineering work placement scheme
  • Erasmus
  • European Voluntary Service
  • Finance Ministries and Central Banks scheme
  • Foreign Language Assistants Program
  • Glasgow Caledonian University International exchange program
  • International Horticulture Scheme
  • International Internship Scheme
  • International Optometrists Scheme
  • Khebrat Leadership for Change Program
  • Law Society GAE scheme for migrant lawyers
  • Lord Chancellor’s Training Scheme for the Young Chinese Lawyers
  • Medical Training Initiative
  • Medical Training Initiative for Dentistry
  • Mountbatten Program
  • NIM China Secondee Program
  • NPL Guest Worker and Secondment Scheme
  • Scottish Government Interchange Scheme
  • Serious Fraud Office
  • Sponsored Researchers
  • The Ofgem International Staff Exchange Scheme
  • GTI intern scheme
  • UK Research and Innovation
  • US-UK Education Commission

Visa Expenses

  • Application cost
  • Healthcare surcharge(costs £624 a year)
  • Your Savings by referencing the amount needed for eligibility
  • Application fee
    • £259 application fee (whether applied from within the UK or outside)

Eligibility Criteria

  • UK sponsor’s certificate of sponsorship reference number:

A certificate of sponsorship is a document including your personal data and details about the role. You will receive a certificate of sponsorship reference number from your sponsor. They must also offer further information to support your application, such as operating hours. The reference number from your sponsorship certificate must be written down on your application form because you can only use it once. Your sponsorship certificate is good for three months after it is given to you.

  • Resources necessary to maintain yourself in the UK:

To prove that you can support yourself in the UK, you must have at least £1,270 in your bank account. The money had to be available for at least 28 days in consecutive weeks. No later than 31 days after this visa application, day 28 must occur.

List of Sponsors Providing Visa

Any of the following may serve as a sponsor of the visa:

  • An organization that runs an established exchange program
  • A university (if you’re an examiner, visiting professor, or sponsored researcher)
  • A government organization

Required Documents

  • A reference number for the sponsorship certificate
  • A current passport
  • Bank statements
  • Documentation of your relationship (If you are applying with your partner or children)
  • Tuberculosis test
  • A current ATAS certificate
  • A letter from a government or international scholarship organization approving your stay in or return to the UK

Guideline on How to Apply for the Cheapest Visa in the UK

Application from outside the UK:

  • Apply via an online application.
  • Provide Identification documentation.


  • Take your picture of fingerprints at a visa application center.
  • Scan your identity documents using the “UK Immigration: ID Check” app.

If an appointment is required:

  • Your passport and other documents must remain at the center while your application is being processed.
  • It might be necessary to travel to the nearest visa application center, which could be in another country.

Apply from the UK:

  • Switch to this visa or extend your current one from the following links.

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