University of Pisa DSU Scholarship 2023-24 in Italy.

2023–2024 University of Pisa DSU Scholarship in Italy: Fully financed scholarships in Italy for the academic year 2023–2024 are now available, which has been a long-awaited development. For the DSU Scholarship in Italy, applications are presently being accepted. EU and non-EU students from poor nations are invited by the Universita di Pisa (University of Pisa) to apply for the fully financed DSU scholarships, which will allow them to study master’s degrees in Italy. Similar to the Italy Government fellowship, this foreign fellowship is supported by DSU (the organization for the University Study Right of Tuscany Regional Council). The DSU scholarship in Italy also gives recipients the chance to study at other prestigious institutions in the country.

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For the academic year 2023–2024, students from all around the world are eligible to apply for the University of Pisa DSU grant in Italy. The fully funded scholarships will give free housing, pay tuition costs, and provide extra funding to cover other costs. Any student, regardless of educational background, who is enrolled or intends to enroll may apply. It’s vital to remember that this scholarship is only given out for one year, therefore candidates must reapply for it each academic year.

You may submit your online application for this scholarship in Europe. At the conclusion of their online applications, EU students must make a statement, while non-EU students from developing nations must certify that they come from low-income households. The student’s socioeconomic situation must be certified, and it must come from the Italian diplomatic mission in the applicant’s place of residence.

The University of Pisa, one of the oldest and most prominent institutions in Europe and Italy, is a prestigious institution. It is ranked #203 on the list of the best global universities and actively promotes a varied and inclusive society, drawing students from all over the globe and giving them access to an outstanding Italian education. The University of Pisa offers 14 master’s degree programs that are totally taught in English as part of its internationalization initiatives to make it accessible and inclusive for students from throughout the world. The institution, which has a significant presence in Italy, has 20 departments and excels in several scientific areas, including physics, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and computer science, thanks to its renowned research institutes.

The University of Pisa offers students seeking a fulfilling academic experience a fantastic chance given the university’s extensive history, prestigious reputation, and wide variety of programs. Why therefore keep holding off? Visit the University of Pisa for the opportunity to discover and take in the finest of Italy’s educational legacy. Prior to beginning the application process, it is essential to carefully read the scholarship information given below.

University of Pisa DSU Scholarship 2023-24 in Italy:

Fields of Study for University of Pisa DSU Scholarship 2023/24:

  • Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences



  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: September 6, 2023

Eligibility Criteria :

Are you ready to study in Italy for free? Apply for the University of Pisa DSU scholarship and get a chance to avail fully funded scholarship to study free in Italy. Opportunities Circle has listed the criteria below. Make sure to read this section properly to ensure your eligibility for the DSU grant in Italy.

  • Applicants from either EU or non-EU countries can apply.
  • Non-EU students must hold different educational statuses.
  • The applicants must submit proof of the family’s income contribution.
  • Furthermore, international students applying for master’s scholarships must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants should not be recipients of any other international scholarship in Italy.
  • In addition, applicants must present a certification issued by the Italian representative in their home country, confirming that they do not belong to a high-income family.

Benefits :

Before you proceed with your application, we encourage you to explore the various benefits and financial assistance offered by the University of Pisa. Opportunities Circle has compiled a list of the advantages below.

  • Successful scholarship awardees will receive a waiver for their university tuition fees, allowing them to pursue their studies without the financial burden.
  • Students who receive the scholarship can enjoy complimentary meals at the university dining hall.
  • The scholarship includes provisions for free accommodation at the university residence or assistance in covering rent expenses.
  • In addition, students may also receive an additional allowance or funds to support their extra-curricular activities and purchase essential books for their academic pursuits.
  • The University of Pisa DSU scholarship provides an exceptional opportunity for international students to study at a prestigious and renowned institute like the University of Pisa, known for its academic excellence and long-standing history.
  • Furthermore, the University of Pisa scholarship provides financial support and an enriching and transformative experience for students, enabling them to excel academically while embracing the vibrant Italian culture.
  • Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity to study in Europe for free!

Documents Required for the University of Pisa DSU Grant:

  • Identity document
  • Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Academic transcripts
  • University application form
  • Course description/study program details
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Motivation letter
  • English language proficiency
  • Family income document

Application Process:

  • You must be thinking about how to apply for the DSU scholarship in Italy.
  • Click on the Apply Now button to visit the University of Pisa application website to apply.
  • The application process for the Italy scholarship is online. Applying for the DSU scholarship at the University of Pisa is a seamless and convenient process as it is entirely online,
  • International students can still apply for the University of Pisa DSU scholarship even if they have not enrolled in any program yet.
  • International students have to ensure that they belong to lower-income families by providing a certificate from the Italian diplomatic representatives in the home country or the Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin in Italy.
  • The final selection list will be available by the end of November 2023. 
  • Make sure you submit all the necessary documents mentioned above. 
  • Please click on the below apply now button to visit the official website for additional information.

Application Deadline for DSU Scholarship at the University of Pisa:

  • The University of Pisa DSU Scholarship application deadline for the academic year 2023/2024 is 6 September 2023.

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