UPG Sustainability Leadership Program 2024 in USA Fully Funded

UPG Sustainability Leadership Program 2024 in USA Fully Funded: Additionally, the initiative offers companies a fantastic opportunity to get involved in changing the neighborhoods. The largest youth training program in the world is the UPG leadership program in the United States. The fully-funded leadership program inspires people and groups to work on at least one project based on their personal ambition to improve the world for the better. In addition, the program creates a network of elite instructors, speakers, and leaders that will benefit the participants for the rest of their lives.

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The UPG Sustainability Program is centered around projects that address sustainability as outlined in the UN agenda. The program is essentially a movement, and the UPG movement advocates for both “social stability” and “green,” or “environmental sustainability.” The youth leadership movement encourages young people to act on their passions and assets without waiting for others to do so in order to bring about positive change. Little drops of change make a tremendous ocean, and the global young leader’s movement invites people at all levels from all over the world to become little drops of change.

The curriculum, dubbed the #UPGSustainability Leadership Training curriculum globally, is a hallmark initiative. Since the program’s inception in 2019, 586 leaders have received training, and 120 of them have been given free passage to the US. The fully-funded program for international leadership develops community capacity by preparing communities to go from “ideas AND goals” to “positive actions.” Throughout their UPG program, the young people complete demanding assignments that boost their self-esteem and prepare them for the rigors of the real world. The topics covered in these assignments may include project management or the integration of sustainable development into the fields of politics, economics, law, culture, technology, and education.

There are opportunities to collaborate in creating a better world through the United People Global Leadership movement. The movement’s success can be attributed to its powerful allies, cooperation, and backing. Additionally, UPG’s young leaders join the “Community of Champions,” where they have the opportunity to showcase their projects and exchange ideas with other bright, knowledgeable minds. The commitment of these champions to continue and finish at least one project of change in their own community, as well as to share the skills they learned at UPG with their home countries and communities, is one of the most notable aspects of this fully funded US program. As a result, the UPG leaders program hopes to have community members who are dedicated.

UPG Sustainability Leadership Program 2024, USA:

Host Country:

  • United States of America

Host Organization:

  • United People Global

Program Location:

  • Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership

Program Duration:

  • One Week

Benefits of the UPG Leadership Program in the USA 2024:

  • One week of fully-funded leadership experience in the USA Hurricane Island Center of Science and Leadership.
  • Participants from among 500 participants will be selected for this fully-funded program in the USA.
  • The participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.
  • The participants will become lifetime members of the “Community of Champions”.

Eligibility Criteria of the UPG Sustainability Leadership Program 2024:

  • The candidate must be between 18-35 years of age.
  • The candidate can be of any nationality.
  • The candidate can be of any race, gender, or educational background.
  • The candidates must be willing to make a positive sustainable change.

How to Apply for the UPG Sustainability Leadership Program 2024?

  • The candidates have to apply online.
  • The candidate must provide a strong personal statement.
  • The candidates have to justify the potential impact of their projects.
  • Make a strong profile by providing all relevant answers to the questions.
  • It is recommended to make a 2-minute video in which you are asked to tell about yourself or answer any one question from the application.
  • The video must be in the English language and uploaded via the given link before the closing of the application.

UPG Leadership Program Application Deadline:

  • Deadline for Applications: 31 December 2023.


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