World Youth Festival 2024 in Russia

World Youth Festival 2024 in Russia: Prepare for the fantastic event taking place in Russia. Russia’s 2024 World Youth Festival For young people from more than 180 nations, 2024 is a fantastic chance. This multinational event will feature representation from every continent, including Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. This biggest youth gathering will happen in 26 Russian cities. Like-minded individuals would have a great chance to come together on one platform, exchange ideas, and meet new acquaintances from all over the world. The festival wants to create lasting connections between young, engaged minds so that they can work together to create a shared future.

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The financially supported society Youth Festival in Russia seeks to establish a multipolar, just, cooperative society that maintains a balance of interests worldwide. It gives youth a place to meet, talk, and look for shared ideals while teaching them how to behave civilly in the context of socio-business dynamics. This Russian event seeks to promote cross-cultural understanding by disseminating Russian culture and values while also understanding the goals and interests of young people worldwide. You will also be introduced to the wide array of options available in Russia. Three different program types will be offered during the festival: athletic, cultural, and educational.

Panel discussions, round table conferences, expert speeches, networking sessions, and workshops will all be part of the WYF 2024 experience. Children in the sports program will go to the performances, work out in groups, and compete. Young minds will be stimulated by sightseeing tours, exhibitions, performances, cultural fairs, and Russian language instruction as part of the cultural program. The festival will take place in the Sirius Federal Territory, a campus-city encircled by an extraordinary nature reserve and the Caucasus mountains. Its infrastructure is suitable for research in science, culture, and education. thereby fostering the world’s gifted kids.

Participating in the festival will be 10,000 Russians and 10,000 foreigners. The World Festival presents a fantastic chance for individuals to seek mutual understanding and start productive conversations, regardless of political beliefs, nationality, or cultural obstacles. This worldwide chance will enrich the many country traditions and cultures as well as the new relationships. In addition, young people will be able to solve a variety of youth development problems that help to guarantee a fair and democratic global system. Participating in the many festival program activities will help you hone your leadership abilities through the Russian initiative.

World Youth Festival 2024 in Russia | Funded:

Host Country:

  • Russia

2024 WYF Venue:

  • Sirius Federal Territory, Sochi.

World Youth Festival Russia Duration:

  • The international youth forum will be held between March 01, 2024, and March 07, 2024.

Benefits of the World Youth Festival 2024 in Russia:

  • Food is provided.
  • Accommodation facility is given.
  • You will be exempted from paying state fees.
  • The logistics facility is provided to international participants.
  • Local transportation facilities will be provided

Eligibility Criteria of the World Youth Festival in Russia 2024:

  • Age should be between 18 to 35 years old.
  • Students or young professionals can apply.
  • If you belong to any of the following areas of expertise or have a related specialization, you can apply:
    • Entrepreneurs.
    • Science.
    • Culture.
    • Sports.
    • Mass media.
    • Charity.
    • Volunteering. 

How to Apply for the World Youth Festival in Russia 2024?

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the World Youth Festival in Russia 2024 is December 01, 2023.


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