Young Global Changers Awards 2024

Young Global Changers Awards 2024: Global Solutions Initiative aims to honor young leaders globally with its “Young Global Changers Awards” for their active contributions to more effective economic development that integrates sustainable environmental practices and better satisfies the needs and demands of the community, society, and individuals. This award recognizes particular methods or creative youth-led projects that result in noticeable improvements in the real world while serving as role models and sources of motivation for others who do not witness the results of these actions taken by young leaders worldwide.

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Effective projects prioritize the needs and desires of their constituents by using a person-centered approach. Projects may incorporate non-profit or social enterprise endeavors into their plan once they are underway; the winners will showcase their work at the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin.

Young Global Changers Awards 2024:


  • Germany


  • Global Solutions Initiative


  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators


  • All International

Young Global Changers Awards 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates seeking Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards should meet all the following requirements to be considered:

  • Candidates for this award must be entrepreneurs or innovators and may apply as individuals only; organizations cannot apply to its representative.
  • An applicant for funding must play a leadership role within their chosen organization or program (for instance as its founder/co-founder or lead/initiator/developer, amongst other capacities). (For instance, they could serve as founder or co-founder or lead or initiator.)
  • Candidates for admission to U-W must possess an advanced command of English sufficient for communicating ideas to both jurors and audiences and taking part in discussions among peers.
  • Ideal candidates should be 18 to 35. All projects should take an approach that prioritizes people-centred practices that consider all participants such as clients, employees, communities or workers when planning and conducting work activities.
  • Finalists must present a plan that has advanced beyond initial conception and may include both social enterprises and non-profit organizations as partners in their solution. Finalists will present at the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin.
  • Project-Based Eligibility
    Every project that wishes to qualify must meet these criteria in order to be considered eligible and must also fulfill those separating it from any particular category in which it falls into.
  • Recoupling: Any company, project, or idea pursued should aim at recoupling. That means more effectively aligning political or economic initiatives with social welfare as well as environmental sustainability – thus prioritizing people’s needs along with sustainability within any political or economic actions taken.
  • Organized Stage The project or idea should have passed its preliminary phase and become active and operational.

Application Procedure For Young Global Changers Awards 2024:

Candidates interested in participating in The Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards must submit their applications online. Your name may even be recognized internationally during the Global Solutions Summit!

Application Deadline:

The Application Deadline For Young Global Changers Awards is  November 27, 2023.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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