AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program 2024 in Germany

AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program 2024 in Germany | Fully Funded: Those with excellent oral and written communication skills have the opportunity to apply for the 2024 AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program in Germany. For individuals who are enthusiastic about learning German, possess strong self-motivation skills, a high potential for leadership, and the ability to work in a group, this is one of the best opportunities. Candidates for this fellowship program must be extremely committed and goal-oriented in order to be chosen. This year’s AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship 2024 in Germany is being sponsored by an international forum with the goal of assisting young African leaders and professionals in formulating solutions to the continent’s mounting social and economic problems. These fully funded fellowships in Europe allow candidates to exchange ideas that advance their nation.
Aspirants who are passionate about accomplishing their objectives can work hard and learn a lot on this global platform. In addition to having the ability to communicate across cultural boundaries, be open-minded in their analysis of larger issues, and quickly adjust to new environments, the candidates must also be able to exhibit their personalities. There is no better time for interested parties to apply and take part in this fully-funded fellowship in Germany. Only during the application phase and through their online application portal are candidates eligible to apply for the AFRIKA KOMMT program. Email applications are not accepted.
There are several advantages to this international fellowship for African students. The AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program will help you advance and succeed in your career by honing your leadership and management abilities, expanding your knowledge base, and giving you access to professional networks. Candidates for this international fellowship program must be the most forward-thinking young executives from Africa and Germany’s top corporations. The businesses/organizations stand to gain from their expertise, connections, and distinct viewpoints. The African candidates will be introduced to German corporate standards, business ethics, and German culture in order to explore their options for improving the future. Through exposure to other cultures, technical know-how, and the German language, this international fellowship in Europe will empower individuals. The recipients of the AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program will act as change agents, fostering positive connections with Africa and enhancing the social and economic well-being of their home communities.
Candidates must successfully complete the Assessment Center, which consists of several tasks like group projects and presentations, in order to be considered as an African Kommt fellow. The evaluation results will be sent out in a few weeks, and those who pass will be invited to Germany for a year. In order for candidates to establish a great and lasting relationship with Africa, their involvement in this program will continue to be crucial. And during their professional careers, their relationship will help them in every way possible.

AFRIKA KOMMT! is building bridges: German industry and young African professionals working together to create value through a sustainable partnership.​

Key Messages:

  • We, German Industry and young African professionals, jointly act as pioneers in  the African-European business environment.
  • We reveal the great sources from African potentials and German industries.
  • We embrace diversity as key for our performance.
  • We create opportunities to share fundamental values such as democracy, freedom and equality.
  • We foster positive leadership values and a future-oriented leadership style.
  • We continuously build a vital alumni network with a powerful outreach and impact.
  • We promote change in African communities and German industries thus contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Afrika Kommt Fellowship 2024 in Germany:

Afrika Kommt Fellowship Duration:

One Year

AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Program 2024 in Germany | Fully Funded

  • Country: Germany
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: March 24, 2024

Eligibility Criteria for the Afrika Kommt Fellowship 2024 in Germany:

  • The maximum age should be 35 years.
  • Candidates must be citizens of an African country.
  • They must possess a university degree in the relevant area.
  • A postgraduate degree will be preferred.
  • 2-5 years of work experience.
  • Excellent English language skills.
  • Candidates must have knowledge of the German language.

Benefits of the Afrika Kommt Fellowship Program 2024 in Germany:

  • Opportunity to attend a fully funded fellowship program.
  • Access to a professional network.
  • Become a part of the life-long community.
  • International exposure.
  • Refining your leadership and management skills.
  • Cultural integration.
  • The host organization will cover flight costs.
  • Fellows will also receive free accommodation.
  • A monthly stipend is given.
  • Training facility.
  • Language course facility.
  • The Africa Kommt Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for students to visit Europe for free.

Documents required for the Afrika Kommt Fellowship in Germany 2024:

These documents must be provided by the applicants to get selected.

  • A presentation depicting your motivation towards the fellowship.
  • The idea for a change initiative.
  • Photograph in portrait format.
  • Certificates

Application Process:

Applicants need to follow the proper way to apply for this AFRIKA KOMMT fellowship program. The whole process, step by step, is mentioned below:

  • To apply, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria first, then tap the Apply Now button below.
  • Check the available fellowships.
  • Apply through the online portal.
  • Candidates have to fill out the application form (in English).
  • Make sure to fill out the required fields in the application form.
  • Then, upload the supporting documents.
  • Complete and submit your application form carefully.
  • Candidates will receive feedback on their application within approximately eight to twelve weeks after the official deadline of the application period.
  • The partner companies may contact candidates for a short telephone interview.
  • If the application has successfully passed the pre-selection stage, candidates will receive an invitation to a 2-days assessment center.

Selection Criteria for the Fully Funded Germany Fellowship 2024:

These are the criteria on which the candidates will be selected after fulfilling the basic eligibility criteria:

  • Language and Communication Skills.
  • Professional Skills.
  • Personal Attributes

AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship Application Deadline:

The AFRIKA KOMMT Fellowship 2024 application deadline is March 24, 2024.

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