University of Melbourne Scholarships in Australia 2024

Scholarships from Melbourne University in Australia 2024 are a fantastic way to continue your education in Melbourne. Undergraduate and graduate students at the university are eligible to apply for numerous international scholarships to pursue studies in any subject they choose. Students from all fields and study areas are therefore eligible to apply for the University of Melbourne Scholarships. In order to facilitate access to education and foster students’ goals, the university provides a variety of scholarships in a range of subject areas and academic levels. The goal of the Melbourne Scholarships is to honor and reward exceptional accomplishments in research, academia, or community service. International students can investigate a wide range of scholarship opportunities that suit their objectives. Students from all over the world have the prestigious chance to study for free in Australia thanks to the Melbourne University Scholarship.
In addition, the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship, Graduate Research Scholarships, Research Training Program Scholarship, and Melbourne Research Scholarship are all part of the Melbourne University Scholarships 2024. These are a few Australian scholarships that offer substantial financial assistance and coverage to students. A portion of these are fully funded scholarships that cover the entire cost of tuition. Furthermore, Melbourne University provides about 600 Graduate Research Scholarships and about 1000 International Undergraduate Scholarships. Because of this, these highly competitive Melbourne Scholarships recognize and honor exceptional academic achievement. Thus, it’s critical to ensure that your profile is outstanding overall. Likewise, graduate students can apply for a number of research scholarships at Melbourne University, which is a center for cutting edge research. Melbourne University Scholarships in Australia draw applicants from all over the world as a result.
Furthermore, one of Australia’s top universities for research and higher education is the University of Melbourne. It is ranked among the best universities in the world. The University offers students the best possible educational experience while making a substantial contribution to the growth of knowledge. Consequently, the University’s dedication to supporting international education for everyone, regardless of financial constraints, is also reflected in the Melbourne Scholarship. So, why do you hesitate? In 2024, submit an application for this University of Melbourne Scholarship to study in Australia.

Number of Scholarships Offered by Melbourne University:

All numbers are approximate 

  • Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship: 1000
  • Graduate Research Scholarships: 600
  • Research Training Program Scholarship: 350
  • Melbourne Research Scholarship: 350

 University of Melbourne Scholarships in Australia 2024

  • Country: Australia
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded, Partially Funded

Eligibility Criteria for Melbourne University Scholarships 2024:

  • Different scholarships include different eligibility criteria. 
  • The Melbourne University Scholarships are open to both local and international students from around the world.
  • These scholarships are offered for all study fields. 

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • This Australian Scholarship is for international students who have completed secondary school outside Australia or foundation studies within Australia.
  • They must be a citizen of a country other than Australia and New Zealand and not be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • To qualify, applicants must have received an unconditional offer for an undergraduate program at the University of Melbourne.
  • All students must have excellent academic records. For more details, click here

Graduate Research Scholarship:

  • The Melbourne Research Scholarship and Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships are for international and domestic students pursuing enrollment in a graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne.
  • Applicants must satisfy the criteria for admission to a graduate research degree program at the University of Melbourne to be eligible.

Benefits of University of Melbourne Scholarships in Australia:

  • The University of Melbourne offers a range of scholarships to domestic and international students that provide generous financial assistance.
  • Receiving this scholarship provides access to one of Australia’s top-ranked and globally renowned institutions.
  • It offers all students the chance to live and study in Australia.

Benefits of Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship:

The Scholarship offers either a

  • $10,000 reduction in tuition fees (fee remission) for the first year of an undergraduate degree.
  • 50 percent reduction in fees for the entire three-year duration of an undergraduate degree.
  • 100 percent fee remission for the complete three-year duration of an undergraduate degree.

Benefits of Graduate Research Scholarships:

  • The University offers stipend and fee offset scholarships for graduate students pursuing advanced research degrees.
  • Full fee offset is for up to two years for Master’s by Research students and up to four years for doctoral candidates.
  • A living allowance of $37,000 per year. 
  • Relocation grants of $2000 for students relocating from States or Territories other than Victoria or $3000 for those moving from outside Australia.
  • International students who need a student visa receive Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Single Membership.

Benefits of Research Training Program Scholarship:

  • This Melbourne Scholarship is provided by the Australian Commonwealth Government.
  • It provides a complete fee offset for a maximum of two years for Master’s by Research students and up to four years for doctoral candidates.
  • For the fee offset and stipend, Recipients of the stipend version also receive a living allowance and relocation grant. 

Application Process:

  • How to Apply for the Melbourne University Scholarship?
  • To apply for this Australian Scholarship, visit the official application portal to learn more about the process.
  • No separate application is needed for the above mentioned scholarships, students will be considered automatically after applying, since there is automatic consideration.
  • However, make sure you meet the general eligibility criteria.
  • For more details, please visit the official website. 

Application Deadline for the Melbourne University Scholarships in Australia 2024:

  • There is no application deadline because of automatic consideration.

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